Why is our online store not making any sales despite high traffic?

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It's been a week since we started our store. we posted a couple of videos on tiktok that got a thousand views each, running google, facebook and instagram ads, we ran a subscriber system to capture people's emails and 109 people ignored it, we are getting 80 visits average per day with 2 days ago being our largest at 150+ visits but people seem to go onto the product page since that's where the ads are linked to, they end up looking through the pictures , browse a bit more thru the page only to exit right after. (we know this because we use software that records user inputs to see for areas of improvement)


1) Reviews are not an option since we have not sold anything yet.

2) Writing a branding story is useless since people only look at the product and leave after staring at the page for a few seconds - everyone is too lazy to read anything.

3) I am targeting the right audience since analytics are showing me that 89% of views are women aged 18-35.

4) I've tried persuasion tactics such as sales, opting in by email for a 10% dicount etc.. but all to no avail. 

5)website presentation is not really an issue since people only look at the product page and never go thru the homepage to browse.

6) We are offering prices wayy below other competitors, over 10 dollars lower to be precise.


so please tell me, what the heck are we doing wrong?

how are some people making 100s of dollars in sales every single day and they sell the same trending products that 10,000 other people are selling?


website is www.periprints.com



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@bigshort ,

Hello Dear,

I have checked your store..


there are lots of thing that is missing on your store to attract the visitors....

Logo: For Brand identity, you need a proper logo to represent your business as the logo needs more improvement on your website. It's a basic or important foundation for branding your business. It's important to note that your logo does not need to be exactly 410 pixels wide by 205 pixels high.


Front Images: Use good quality featured banner images with call to action buttons to captivate user attention. Use all images with good quality with the right dimension.


Homepage: Homepage designs guide your visitors around your website. To engage visitors you need to work on homepage layout design. Include trust indicators on the homepage. Homepage content should be strategically decided. You can add ‘Call to action banner’ ‘New arrivals’, ‘Top selling products, Most popular collection, announcement bar, Today's deals and offers etc on the homepage to engage users.


Add Blog: You know creating/adding blogs gives you a great way to generate fresh content on a website and provide a catalyst for email marketing, social media promotion to drive search traffic to your website.


Trust Signals: Show off trust signals and customer testimonials to boost conversion. Customer testimonials and trust Signals build customer's trust and help customers to feel more secure in their buying decision.


Improve SEO, links, usability, performance score for increase more conversion & sale (Your page could be better)


Check your store with the Page insight tool to get the score. because the low mobile score can kill the website traffic. Compare the price with your competitors.


I have noticed you have one product only, people look for variety now days and they look for review before buying any products... 


Find the Pages,Where You Lose the Most Customers. Convert More of the Shoppers Who Put Products in Their Carts. Check your store bounce rate.


Look at the difference between your New Visitors and your Returning Visitors. For most Shopify stores, your returning visitors will have a much higher conversion rate than your new visitors.


Check your google ranking from your country where you are selling. Start google ads email Campaigning. (email marketing)


Check your add to cart functionality with quantity , Its not working properly.


Hope these points will help you!

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Hi @bigshort,

I hope you are doing well and welcome to the Shopify Community!

This is MS Web Designer (Top Rated Shopify Certified Experts and eCommerce Consultant from India & Singapore).

Thank you for sharing your concern with us. We have checked your store. You have a beautiful store, but there are a few areas need to improve:

1. The logo of your website needs to be more attractive as it is the identity of the site

2. Header can be more organized and extra spaces should be removed


3. Need to add some high quality good images on the homepage to make it more eye catchy to your customers

4.  Add some security badges to increase the trust factors of the website

5. Your store speed is not good in mobile, kindly check the speed score:


You need to work on the speed.

That's about all I could notice from a glance at your store.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or want a free website audit! Email address mentioned below in the signature.
We'd love to assist you in any way possible!


Best of luck and Regards!

MS Web Designer

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Thanks but I closed my shop down. Applying these useless tips is not realistic and will get me nowhere. People are just too cheap to spend their money nowadays. To make lots ot sales you just need to be lucky or have millions of followers already.

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Hi @bigshort, you could have tried giving away free samples, as an idea. Your advantages would have been: You collect the person's email address. You can show them that you are selling quality products that way AND get reviews.


Alternatively, you could enter the customers into a product subscription, where the first product is free and follow up products are still XX% cheaper than the competitors' products.


Sad that you closed down your store! Of course nowadays just about anyone can start a store, so there is a lot of competition and you need grit. 


All the best to you!

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Hello there  


your store seems to be  down at the moment