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Would love some feedback on my store!

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I sell 2nd hand clothing, and just launched my new store this week:

and I’ve only had 2 orders. My 2 biggest concerns are that 

A: I don’t have enough items on there (only 300-ish), and 

B: the photography isn’t great (I don’t have access to natural light, so I’m using a ring light and then brightening the photos.)

Any input would be much appreciated!

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Hello! Here's some feedback:

1. The images in your homepage have different sizes. I would fix this first.

2. Isn't the "back to main site" section useless when you already have a "home" section? I've seen it leads to a different website so I think it would be better to remove it.

3. I'd put more equilibrium in the homepage pictures. I.e., the "spring and summer", "shoes", "purses/bags" photos don't match with the rest.

4. I recommend adding a very big image on top of the website, a slide would work perfectly. It would make the webpage more professional and less empty.

Everything else is fine, I specially like how the logo turned out. Hope this helps!

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Hey there, @ThriftCouture!  

First of all, congrats on the launch! That’s always exciting, and I hope you have incredible success now and in the future.

Now, to address your concerns:

  • Do you have enough items? For now, yes. It’ll be better as you grow your business, but it’s still fine for now.
  • Is the photography an issue? Other than a few ratios that aren’t the same as the other images, it’s not a huge issue for me. Would models be better? Sure, but that’s not possible right now. You’re making it work.

There are some easy issues to fix:

  • You need a favicon!
  • Let’s talk about your banner for a second:
    • The font is really hard to read
    • It doesn’t stand out enough
    • It’s not linked! 
  • Let’s talk about the black banner: There are conflicting messages here. The “free local delivery over $100” doesn’t add much since it’s just $20 less than the free shipping in general. I would remove that text (plus, we don’t even know where local is!) 
  • Add in a currency localization. Is this in CAD or USD? For international shoppers, they need a way to estimate their costs as well. 

Let’s dive in!

Navigation: I don’t normally start with navigation, but I think it is needed. I would suggest watching some session recordings of people engaging with your page. How are they moving across your store? Your navigation is really heavy right now, and as you get more traffic, you’ll be able to see where people are clicking or not clicking.

I would suggest removing:

  • Designer/Plus Size/Active: You can add those in filters within the other collections
  • Collections: Instead, say “Shop All” instead. “Collections” isn’t clear that it’s an All Product collection.
  • Back to Main Website: I agree with @lcaya  that the “Back to Main Site” isn’t necessary here. You can just remove it. 
  • Clearance: Look in a heatmap to see how many people are clicking on it. Are they favoring”$10 and Under” or “Clearance?” You can move one or the other as a filter. 

After those changes, you have around 9 navigation options. That’s still pretty heavy, but it’s better than it is now. Again, as you grow, click heatmaps will help you revise and refine your options here.


  • Hero image: A hero image would definitely be welcomed here. It helps add a little clarity to what you sell and lets you feature a CTA button that is linked to your collections (or a featured collection).
  • I like your highlighted collections, but again, use click heatmaps to evaluate your options here. You may find that you don’t need 12 collections to be featured but not instead focus on the top five or five instead. 
  • “Tons more in store” - This is great, but use a scroll heatmap to see how many people are actually seeing this. Are they scrolling to it, or do people not make it down to that point?
  • I would move your brick and mortar information to your footer. If it’s only on the homepage, it’s harder to find. 
  • Reviews: Since product-specific reviews wouldn’t apply here, it would be helpful to showcase some of those reviews/testimonials from your happy customers. You could feature that on your homepage either after or before your collections. 


  • Back to home: Just remove it unless click heatmaps show that many people do use it.
  • Shipping and returns: Great job on including shipping costs! I would just work on some formatting here. 
  • Disclaimer: Link to your email address
  • Newsletter: Add some value here. Do they get 10% off their order? Do they get fashion ideas? 

Collection Pages

For reference, I’m in the Jackets/Coats collection.

  • Take out the text that says “Women’s Jackets, Coats, Blazers, and Outerwear.” It’s unnecessary. 
  • I like that you have a filter, but I would clean it up. Organize it a bit better and look into apps that help you do this. 
  • Other than that? It looks great.

Product Pages
For reference, I’m on Pinkish Black Blazer. 

  • Reiterate free shipping here. 
  • I would clean up the description as much as you can.
  • I saw on another product that you mentioned fit - that would be helpful here if you can get it. Since there are so many brands and sizing charts, that would help people decide if they should order it or not. 
  • You’re doing yourself a HUGE favor here by featuring images of the washing instructions. Consider this a digital high-five for that one! 

Contact/Communication: A live chat option would be very, very helpful here. You could answer customer questions while they are on your site. For example, if someone wanted to know sizing details (i.e., measurements) of a garment, you could answer it during those working hours. It’s a win/win for you and your visitors!

You really are on the right track here. Your store is already looking good, and visitor behavior will make it look GREAT. When you understand what visitors experience, you can fix those pain points and improve your website with a purpose. Lucky Orange has heatmaps, session recordings, live chat and more with a free trial (no credit card needed) and plans that start at US $10/month.

I hope this helps! Good luck!

Cheers - Danny

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Hiee, your store looks good. It is also having eye catchy content. You can also use Descrii, which is an description generator application which will add more simplified description of your products so that you can attract the audience easily otherwise you are doing great just keep it up all the best for your new Store. Your domain name will be a way for potential customers to find you and then come back to buy more. So keep it simple. Resist the urge to include difficult spellings or unknown acronyms.
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Great and valuable critique, LuckyDanny.

Although it is directed at ThriftCouture, there is a lot of good stuff in your post.

This is the kind of information that helps everyone who is paying attention. Much appreciated.


I will be launching my first website in the next few days and am looking forward (I think!) to putting my site up here for critique.


Oh, and good luck, ThriftCouture!

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Hy @ThriftCouture

Your website is angelic and welcome to shopify.Your ecommerce site needs to provide the right information at each stage in a customer’s buyer journey, helping them to make informed decisions in their research, interest and validation phases.

I would like to add a suggestion in your bucket if you want to write your description in more realistic way then you can use Descrii , this is a product description generator application maybe it will be helpful for you and I would like to congratulate for your new Store.

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Thanks so much! I will definitely start addressing the concerns you mentioned... Cheers!

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Amazing insight - thanks so much. As I grow the store, i will work on implementing your suggestions!

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Hey @ThriftCouture,

This is a common problem faced by early stores, so this can be fixed. I checked your website which looks good, but I would suggest a few improvements that can help increase sales. 

1. The first and important factor to look upon is the navigation of your store. I felt that it was not easy to navigate, and there can be quick improvements like

  • Having an auto-complete and suggestion feature so that it provides an extra helping hand to relatable collections and products will also be useful.
  • Showcase your featured products, best sellers, and new in stock: Provide suggestions and recommendations to help them arrive at a decision.

2. An appealing but simple “Above the fold” web design - The banner seems blurred and there is no direct CTA. According to research, users will judge websites as visually good or not within a second. So using blurred images is not a good way to go. Also, add:

  • An eye-catching headline (About latest collection/big offers) - This should target your ideal audience. 
  • One-two brief sentences defining what your store stands for (drop in prices, high quality, special offers, free shipping or any other value proposition)
  • A strong call-to-action button which should stand out from the surrounding design.

3. Footer Menu: The footer is an important part of your website because it is displayed on each page. As per resources, some stores have observed up to a 50% increase in conversions when they optimized their website footer design with specific goals. So it can help in improving credibility to your store, and as a result in conversions by updating your footer menu with following details:

  • Website Navigation: The product catalog is broken down into different collections & categories, a simple call-to-action on customer support/forms that try to convert website visitors to newsletter subscribers.
  • Website Technical and Legal Information: Terms and Conditions, Refund and Return Policy,
  • FAQ: Answer some of the most common questions customers have related to your products, payment, shipping, return, and refund.
  • Security & Credibility: Showcase your awards, security certificates, and badges to demonstrate to visitors that your website is trustworthy.

4. Show off the products: People tend to rely on engaging visuals to help drive their purchases. Since online buyers do not have the option to experience your products in-person, it's important to draw them in with great product photos, and right now your images in homepage are of low-res. More on visual cues that can help make your store a better shopping experience can be read here.

5. Add product description: Keep the product description short and crisp, it should convey who it is for, what it does, and how it can be of value for the visitor checking the product. It would be better to have the description in bullet points so that visitors can read and digest them quickly. Also, providing precise composition and care information & size chart of the product will be very essential.

6. Add Wishlist to your website. They are a great way to alert customers about a sale, drive traffic to your site. With this, you can do more target-oriented email campaigns. Also, Add to Cart and Checkout Page needs to have a bit more planning - like giving users a visual checkout process, and option to continue shopping from the checkout page.

7. Build confidence by using social proof: Social proof comes in many forms. They can be reviews, trust badges, customer testimonials, videos, ratings, etc. Customers are more likely to trust you when you have social proofs that establish you’re a reputable brand other people are already buying from.
------> Reviews: Nudging customers to give brief product feedback is the easiest form of social proof. Get more reviews in your products, this is for shoppers to gain some confidence in buying from your store. To know more about how to ask for reviews politely, you can read it here.
------>Add trust badges and trust seals: One of the easiest things you can do to make your e-commerce site more trustworthy is to add trust badges, this will make them feel more comfortable making a purchase. You can read about it here

8. Add more graphic product labels/stickers like Sale, Fast Selling, Free Shipping can help increase your sales by tapping into powerful psychological triggers such as scarcity, social proof, and urgency. You can read more about it here.


Hope these feedbacks be of help. For more assistance, please feel free to DM me. I'm happy to be of assistance. For sale/discount custom stickers or trust badges, you can get it here, where we also create custom based upon request. Best of luck on your new store!

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