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Custom Fields on New Customer

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I am new to Shopify and would like to know this this is possible and how.

1. I would like to add some custom fields to the new customer registration process. One would be a combo box selection, but I would like the selections to be populated from external data, either by Shopify calling a remote service ( for example, when it needs to populate the combo, or by calling something on Shopify in advance to push the list to the store, so it's populated when the customer comes to load the form. Is this possible at all?

2. I'd also like some custom fields during the checkout process too, ideally specific to the product or product tag/type or something?

3. How would the above custom fields be push from Shopify when it sends to external service for order fulfilment?

4. Are the any hooks into Shopify to allow different prices for different customers? Could it even call a remote service to get price when needed within the store? as in, ( kind of thing?


Any guidance for a newbie would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you in advance.

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