Guidance on Getting started with the Storefront API and Buy SDK

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Hi, I am building a website with HTML, CSS and Javascript using the Twitter Bootstrap Framework.

I would like to integrate Shopify into the website and have it fit with the current design of the site. This is why I am looking into using the available Shopify tools for developers. I really just want the basic functionality of a shop and be able to use my own custom CSS.

I am basically looking for guidance on what tools and technologies I need to learn to achieve my goal, I am very familiar with HTML, CSS, Javascript and am coming from a background in OOP. What is confusing me is I am not familiar with this Node JS, CommanJS, UMD, AMD, GraphQl and so on....

I was trying originally to follow this video and use regular Javascript but it seems that the video is now outdated, for example, to the best of my knowledge there is no longer a createCart() function?

If someone could point me in the right direction, the help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey Michael

Mike also here from Calgary, Alberta. I worked with the Shopify JS Buy Sdk and found it too slow for integrating with my own custom UIs or headless as it is called. It's called that because you're using the API in the backend and building your own UI, or frontend.

I moved since then to the Storefront API with Graphql and I have to say it's much more effective in terms of speed when updating the UI. I use Gatsby to build Shopify apps.

I can perhaps set some time to get you started with that? It's dead simple and I believe it will help you achieve your goals.

When I say dead simple I mean showing you how to connect to the Storefront API with your token. There's more to learn and I would like to show you how to build and deploy a headless ecommerce site with Bootstrap. By the way, where are you located?

Mike from Calgary