Some help with fetching sellingPlanGroups!

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Hey guys. We are trying to fetch sellingPlan info for our app. However, when I query the sellingPlanGroups, nothing is returned (img.1). On the other hand when I write a liquid snippet to access selling_plan_groups it displays everything correctly. I assume there's a problem with a graphql query or something. Or am I just looking in the wrong place? Any help is appreciated!

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Hi, and thanks for the question. Is it possible that one of the products is attached to a selling plan only via the variant? If so, that would explain why the count from your GraphQL query is less than the result you get from Liquid. The `sellingPlanGroupCount` on the product returns the count of selling plans directly connected to the product. Maybe you can try querying `productVariant` rather than `product`, if it fits your use case?

Let me know if you have any further questions.

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