Subscription contracts webhooks not firing

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Our subscription app in development was working quite fine with our development store , all of sudden it stopped firing subscription contracts webhook a day ago . We are also able to successfuly purchase subscriptions from store front. After  subscription purchase the only webhook we are receiving is paid order webhook despite having subscribed to subscriptions/contract create, payment create, payment update webhooks. The app has all required scopes including access to the subscription API's and this is a problem that just arose a day. I would appreciate any help/assistance.

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We see this as well, and it is even worse: the contracts are not created at all - although we buy the product as subscription (with "recurring total" at checkout, checking the agreement for subscription)

Would highly appreciate quick response on this as we might currently loose subscribers.

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Hi @eyalk, did you ever find a solution to this problem?

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I've run into this as well. Support has been unhelpful to this point and my app development has completely haulted. 

My app has all the required scopes and the webhooks are set up correctly since the orders/create webhook still fires correctly. 

To make it worse, I can't even query the subscription_contracts. I have products purchased as subscriptions and can see the subscriptions in the admin panels, but whenever I query for them, it returns 0 records.