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Hi all,
looking for a way to add extra information to my product pages.
I'm using Page Fly to edit the theme.
I have set up tabs on the product pages and currently the product description and the features are listed together as I put them in product description. I want to show the product features in its own tab (see image) but as each product has different features I'm unsure where I would need to pull the features from. Can I add a a section in my product pages to add the features in for each product? Or would I need to create pages and pull the feature from each page?




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This is an accepted solution.

Hi @kiradullard 

Aibek is here from agency.

Everything will depend on how many features the products will have. If there are a lot of products and each has its own characteristics, it is better to quickly develop a private AP with a minimum of functionality.

As far as we understand, the contents of the tabs are static, except for the product description. This is probably provided in the @PageFly itself. It would make the task much easier if the products initially had notes. There specify the features from there and just take it. As an alternative, you can use meta fields. -article. - you can check it out here if you need anything. Guys from Shopify stuff left the comment there. 

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Thank you, that's exactly what I needed!