Add Order Tag to Internal (Staff) Order Notification

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Currently using "Zapiet - Store Pickup + Delivery". I've set up Zapiet to add a Location Tag to every delivery order.

I need that tag to show up on the Internal New Order Notification, for delivery drivers organization. (See "Vancouver West & UBC" tag)

Order w/ TagsOrder w/ Tags

I found this code on Shopify's Liquid Cheat Sheet- but it doesn't output any of the tags at all. 😞


{% for tag in order.tags %}
    {{ tag }}
{% endfor %}


Any suggestions?

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Looking for tag output as well on staff order notification template, and noticed the same exact issue.

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Hello @tshdvs and @brimard ,

If you have configured this tag from our location's Custom Attributes, please use our Liquid variable reference guide to find the required code to edit your Shopify's New Order template :

Don't hesitate to contact us at, if you have more questions.