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Add tag or tracking key to link of buy button

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Hi guys,

for selling our products on (external) landing pages we're using a link for the buy button channel like this:  

We can easily change the quantity and a discount code for this product. To be able to identify the source (i.e. different traffic sources like Google Ads or Facebook Ads on different landing pages), we would also like to add some kind of tag to the link as well. So that for every order we can identify the corresponding landing page.

I know that it's possible to add tags to orders. I'm hoping that I could add a tag like this (e.g. google-cpc) to the buy button checkout link from above like &tag=google-cpc.

Is there any way to do this or otherwise add some kind of tracking key to a checkout link like this?


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Shopify Expert
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Great minds think alike! 🙂 This is a feature we are actively working on over here at ZipLinks where you will be able to specify one, or more, tags to apply to an order that was completed using one of your defined links. Happy to reach out with a DM when that feature is available. 

Happy to hear about your crazy ideas.
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Thank you Jon_Schwartz. Though I don't want to install a whole app just for one parameter in the URL. I try to be as minimalist as possible with new apps as some of them tend to have some issues with other apps/themes/code and/or might slow down the website. Adding one parameter to the checkout URL is not enough to justify a new app for the store unfortunately.