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Adding an extra column to the Narrative product/collection grid? On both PC and Mobile

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Hello Shopify experts.  I am currently using the Narrative theme.  I have chosen to keep it neat and tidy and present the products in a grid rather than collage, however I would love for them to show 4 across/columns rather than 3.  They do not give the option.  I have tried changing a bit of the coding to one quarter but it then just takes it back to just two columns. 


{%- capture gridClasses -%}
{% if desktopColumns == '3' and totalProducts > 2 %}medium-up--one-third {% else %}medium-up--one-half {% endif %}
{% if mobileColumns == '2' %}small--one-half {% endif %}
{%- endcapture -%}


Is there anyone who has come across this issue and knows how to fix it?


Kind regards Chez

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Please Share a Store url to better assist

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hello, i am facing the same issue please help me out