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Adding product attributes to publish to Google

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I am trying to publish my products to Google so they are available for Google Shopping. Most products have been declined due to "missing value: gender, color and age group."

What is the easiest way to address this please? I was thinking of adding tags to all the products as I can bulk edit and state the gender, color etc.

Will this work for the purposes of Google accepting it as a "value?"

Online tutorials suggest I will need to add meta-fields and edit the theme code. Would this be a better way of doing the same thing?

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I'm also working on this on our website and would like an answer. I also get error messages saying that color or age group aren't added but some of our items are all ages and available in different colors. It's great that shopify helps us link our items to google, but why not give us a gender, color, age option when creating the item?

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With a bit of digging I worked out that it's fairly straightforward (but time consuming if you have a lot of products).

Make sure you have the Google sales channel added to your store.

If you then go to each product you want to edit the Google fields for, double-check the right-hand side to see if the product is enabled to the Google sales channel. If it isn't, enable this first and save your settings.

Then go to "More Actions" on the top right, and down to Google fields.

This should give you the pop-up box to edit the relevant fields and save. 


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Thank you so much for answering this, I have had nothing but problems trying to get my products to google. Do you know if there is a way to bulk edit this?