app bridge doesn't work

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I'm trying to implement the new app bridge feature, but it looks like its not working.

From the guides, this code should fire a flash message, but it looks like nothing is fired at all:

const shopifyApp = createApp({
            apiKey:     apiKey,
            shopOrigin: URL,

          const flashNotice = ShopifyActions.Flash.create(
              shopifyApp, {message: 'Product saved'});



I've tested the titlebar as well, I'm trying to simply show the titlebar title with the first example from here:


But again, it looks like the titlebar object is the right one, but nothing is changing, the set method is not working, looks like the parent window doesn't get the events or simply doesn't do anything with them.


Anyone tried to implement it already and can confirm its working? or some one from shopify?

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If anyone get to here and still face some issues, from another test I did 3 days after the initial post, i found that the app bridge is now working but not completly, the titleBar is now working but the Flash messages doesn't work for me.


Because of this I will simply stop using the embedded feature, i have made my own header component, this gives me full control over what actually is happening, how I want it to look, it gives me a lot more space I could use in the app and now you know that if it doesn't work it is totally something you did, and you don't have to spend a whole day just to understand it might be an issue with shopify.

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I cant get the flash comp[onent to work also. no errors - just doesnt work.

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Not sure if this documentation page was there when you guys were reporting the issue, but I discovered all this today and it says here clearly that in AppBridge the equivalent action for Flash is Toast:


I've implemented it with AppBridge and it works for me.