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Best Multi Language Addon / App that is compatible with Shopify Native Language Features?

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There are currently 11 addons that officially are compatible with shopify store languages, which one do you recommend most?

Some features that should be factored in:

- Best seo features.

- Best speed.

- Ability to translate images !(have an image show for EN and a different image show for FR)

- Automatic translation is fine, however for the majority of the text we will want to manually translate most of it professionally.

- needs to allow us to use different domains for different languages (example: for french website, for english website).

- Not sure if any addon supports this but, we will want to have shopify automated emails translated too (order confirmation, shipping, abandonned carts)

- Some other Addon that we plan on using that might need to somehow (if possible?) work with multi language are Klaviyo (for sending newsletter campaigns) and Shipstation (for managing order fulfilment).

For now we only want to have 2 languages, French and English.
We also have 2 currencies (CAD + USD) and are using shopify native multi-currency, I see some language addons have currency features, not sure if they are necessary, perhaps a nice to have but if they are not needed hopefully they would not interfere with the current native shopify multi-currency we set up.

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Hi @Loons ! 

We kindly recommend you trying our application - Transcy since this app provides features as you've requested. 

Particularly, Transcy is a translation & currency converter app which is featured with auto-update language translation and image or photo translation. That is to say, Transcy will always automatically detect and translate new content for your store. Moreover, it can even let you to edit provided content manually that you want to change yourself and manage to publish or unpublish them.

Besides, Transcy can also translate images or photos. Our app allows you to add specific images for every translated version of your store’s content. You just upload an image or give the URL to the image you want to translate. Then you select the source language of the image and the target language you want to convert it to. 

You can check our article here for more details: Transcy – A must-have translation and currency converter app for your e-commerce store 

Hope this post can help, and please don't hesitate to contact us directly via email: if you have any questions! 

Thank you and wish you all the best! 

Transcy Team 

Transcy: A Powerful Translation and Currency Converter
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