Boundless Theme Action Bar Randomly Disappearing or Glitching

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I am working on a version of our storefront in a duplicate theme. The original theme chosen was Boundless.

In the duplicate, I removed the slideshow to push a up a section of custom HTML to the top of the page. A men/women portal.

Ever since I did these 2 things the action bar randomly goes missing or appears glitchy. 

I'm not sure if the act of removing the slideshow or the custom html is causing this conflict.

home page draft.png

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gots a url you can share? 

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This is the live site

But I'm working on a duplicate of the theme that's offline

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Did this ever get solved? I am having a similar issue but with the slideshow. 

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I am having the same issue. I was creating the my website and then the action bar randomly disappeared. All I did was create a new page and then go back to editing and it was gone.

I think the text changed to white on a white background because when I click around randomly sometimes it goes to the pages that were listed there. Anyone have an update on this issue?

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Is an "action bar" something specific to the boundless theme? Educate me please.

Anyhow, I hope, as you describe, you're just losing the background color on the element. A really quick and easy trick to see if you've got white-on-white text somewhere is simply to just select all content in the page. If that's the case, then the fix should be simple.

I took a look at OP's link, and I can see that it's using the flickety slider.