Brooklyn theme: Limit collection's products display

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I am using the brooklyn theme and on the home page, I want to show some of my featured products. However, I want to spread them out to multiple pages (ideally 9 per page). Nonethless, they are all showing on one page. I tried to change {%- paginate collection.products by 12 -%} to {%- paginate collection.products by 9 -%} in the collection-template.liquid, but it seemed to have no effect on it.

So anyone can help me with getting to my goal please?

I will appreciate it greatly!

Thanks a ton!

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I have read both, unfortunately it does not answer my question.

To reiterate my issue, I have let's say 15 products in this collection; I want to spread them across many pages (like 9 on one page, and the rest on the other).

Thanks again!

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 Hi @Pallavi, glad to help you with your question. I’m sure, my given answer will help to solve your problem as adding the given code below in the section 


Probably your collections section is different, firstly you need to check your collection template code to verify the section name that is being used

Like this

{% section 'collection-template' %}

{% section 'collection-similar' %}

And place the code in the relevant section file,

{% paginate collection.products by 9 %}

Hopefully, that solves your problem. If not, please let me know if you're seeing any other issues.

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