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Can I create a multi-language store on Shopify without plugins?

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is it possible to create a shopify multi languages without using plugins?
Indeed, I would like to know if this functionality is natively present. 
I am not talking about the translation (I will translate by my self).

For example there are 3 languages (japanese, english and french).
I am talking about:

1) the URL

-> is there only 1 URL like that?

or are there SEO URL like that?

2) In the admin page, are there 1 one field or many field for each languages?


I read this articles:

But I want confirm.


Thank you

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Shopify Partner
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Hi there!

My name is Alexey, I'm a representative of the Langshop app - we translate Shopify stores into several languages at once.

Sure, I don't know if the way with installing any app is appropriate enough for you as you want to use no plugins, but anyway, maybe you might consider such a solution as our app is.

With Langshop you can actually implement what you want and have your store translated into several different languages, that you can choose from 241 languages available.

After the installation of Langshop, you'll be able to translate all the content of your store in automatic mode and also correct all the translations manually. Yes, each phrase and part of the text will be located in its own field, and you'll be able to input or edit any value within any language version separately and exactly as you want.

If you are interested in what I said, please follow this link to get more information about Langshop or just go to the installation page to install.

Contact us at any time in case you need to discuss some features or just have another question related to our app. Our email is

Thanks for your attention, have a great day!


Best regards,

Alexey Pleten​

Techsupport Manager,

Langshop App.