Can I have more than 100 product variants in my fashion retail store?

Can I have more than 100 product variants in my fashion retail store?

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Hello. I was reading around and found out you can only have a maximum of 100 variants per product. We are a fashion retailer/manufacturer and some of our products have 200+ combinations of waist size, leg length, colour, hem finish as well as 4 other zip fly options. This gives 400+ options per product. Is this possible or is the max 100? Also, the different zip and hem options have different prices.


I was also reading you can only have 3 variants per product. 


Please anyone has had this problem? Otherwise there is no point in even starting!

Thank you.


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Hi @Bleachers,

As of now, Shopify imposes a maximum limit of 100 variants and 3 options per product. If you find this limitation restrictive, the optimal solution is to explore third-party apps such as Easify Product Options (free plan available). This app enables you to create a more extensive range of product options directly within the app 🤗.

Here is an example showcasing numerous product options generated using the app:


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