Can I restrict COD payment method to specific countries?

Can I restrict COD payment method to specific countries?

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Is there any possibility can i restrict payment method COD country wise. 

Like COD payment show to specific countries. 




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Hi @muneeb1065,

Hyde here from Shopify.

That question has actually been comprehensively answered here.

I hope that helps!

All the best, Hyde.

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Hi @Andrew 

Thanks for your reply. Let me check this option. 

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There is no option unless you are using Shopify Plus.


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Hello @muneeb1065 

As other people have said, it's not possible to limit the COD option on Shopify's Checkout for only specific countries unless you are using the Shopify Plus plan.

It's possible to limit COD to only specific countries if you use a separate order form to collect Cash on Delivery orders. If you install our app QuickForm you will be able to create a separate order form for your Cash on Delivery orders and you can limit the form to only the countries you need on the Visibility settings here:


With this solution COD will only be available for the countries you want because your customers will use our order form if they want to pay with Cash on Delivery and if your customers are in other countries or they want to pay with prepaid they can use the normal Shopify Checkout.

You can install QuickForm for free on the Shopify App Store here: (you can also find a demo store on the App Store where you will be able to try the app)

If you need help or you have any doubts or questions you can always contact me on the app, we offer 24/7 support via email, WhatsApp and Telegram!

Hope this helps!


Install Releasit Cash On Delivery for free here:
Add a fee to Cash on Delivery and limit COD based on any condition (order total, location, products, collections, etc.)

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Of course. You can show COD payment option to specific countries using PayRules: Hide Payment Methods app.


For example, if you want to show COD only for USA and Canada, here is how you can do it:


  1. Choose Cash on Delivery from the Select payment methods field.
  2. Choose Hide if not found and United States of America, Canada from the Countries field options like the below screenshot.