Can Shopify support selling streaming videos with Vimeo integration?

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We are exploring changing shopping cart software from Americommerce which we have been using for 200 products for over 10 years.  We sell some streaming videos hosted by Vimeo and embedded on private Americommerce pages.  The buyer has to login using the shopping cart userid & password plus provide a password to start/see the Vimeo video (which is private & only accessible on our domain).  The url and video password are emailed to the buyer at the time of purchase.


Can we do this using Shopify?

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Shopify Partner
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We use 2 apps in conjunction to sell access to our vimeo videos in Shopify: Fetchapp and Skypilot. Our devs have done a little bit of code customization to show some options in the logged in user's account but i think it should also work well without customizing. Back when we started the pricing was $10 for Fetchapp and $15 for Skypilot (monthly). I think these are different today. Worth a look.

We are also always on the lookout if there is a more seamless and economical way of doing this. Let me know if you found any other options.