Can't connect to eBay

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I suddenly can't connect from my Shopify home to my eBay account, though I had no trouble yesterday or the day before. What am I missing?

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This is my errerror message.JPGor message of 5 days now : (

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We are having exact same issue. Has anyone helped you with this? Very annoying. We have never been able to have our items go up on ebay .


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Ditto here! This has been going on for quite a while. UI am on Windows 10 (updated Pro version) and I use Chrome (updated) as my browser. I will try later on using my iPad Air 2 in several configurations and browsers. Everything I use is either connected to my router via Ethernet or WiFi. I have no trouble using Chrome and logging in, the anomaly occurs when I am in  Shopify and try to add eBay as a sales channel.  At first, it worked, then something disconnected my account, and when I attempted to connect again I got this very curt error message, "<Access Denied.> I would wait a few days, performing cache clearing, house cleaning, restarting, having W10 see if she could find anything, and try again, same results, ad nauseum. So, it seems that there is either some erroneous code being sent by Shopify triggering these responses, or something on eBay side that when it receives the connect request from Shopify that triggers these responses. Any way you look at it, my money is the onus is on Shopify. Sorry.


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We are receiving the exact same error message. Any updates on a solution for this? 

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I fixed this. 

In my case it was to do with cookies not being allowed access - i just gave them permission and it worked ok after that. 


I only though of this as i had done some cleaning up the day before.. 


hope that helps. 




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 I can't get pass this 

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It's still going ill send you a screenshot someone fixes it as I need it for my eBay store asap. Must need an update or something


I'm From the UK,ebay.png

it is not a geographical error it is just a system bug.


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Hi All, 

I hope you are keeping well. I would like to apologize here for the lack of response on this thread. This account is no longer regularly monitored and I have updated my signature to reflect this. 

Having a look into this, it does appear to be browser related. However, I notice some of you have mentioned clearing your cache and testing via a different browser without success. In this case, the best method to receive support for this Application/raise this issue, is via the App developers directly. You can find them here via our App store (where we track replies to make sure replies back to you are timely) or you can choose to reach out to them directly via email or via their contact form.

I am going to close off this thread, but if you feel that you need further support from our Community, you are welcome to start a new discussion, or to reach out to our team directly; you can do so via our Help Center here, or via Facebook Messenger or Twitter.   

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback and wishing you a pleasant and safe New Year. 


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This is an accepted solution.

Hey there,


had the same problem (looping) on Safari. This is how I fixed it:

Go to Preferences/Privacy and uncheck "Prevent cross-site tracking" (if active). 


Worked for me!



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