Can you edit Shopify menus faster using the Code Editor?

Can you edit Shopify menus faster using the Code Editor?

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I have a more special project where I am using over 300 diffrent menus in shopify. I already have created them under online Store -> navigation, but I always have to edit them. Because there are over 300 menus I always have to click through several pages to get to my wanted menu and there is no search box to find the right menu, it does take a lot of time.


Does someone know if you you can edit the shopify menus in the "Edit Code" - Section / "Code - Editor" so I can work faster?


I already tried to find them there but I was not succesful ...

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Hello @hakomakotako,


Welcome to Shopify Community! Happy 2023 🙂


It is not advisable to edit the menus directly in your Shopify store's "Edit Code" section. The menus are stored in the navigation object of your store, and you can access and edit them through the "Online Store > Navigation" section of your Shopify admin. 


You can "Sort" the Main menu title alphabetically, making it easier to find the menu you are looking for.



If you can describe what changes you need to make frequently on menus, I can help you suggest an app or other solution. 


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