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i’m currently using the free theme: express.

For some reason when i add things to the cart, i can click the cart icon on upper right side to drop down and has button to “checkout”. when a customer clicks this, they are automatically redirected to shipping/payment information and as you can see on photo, it skips the “cart” view. 


But fork here, a customer can click “cart” and then they are redirected to a “your cart” page as shown in photo, where amount of items added to cart are listed, option to “update” cart, as well as my terms & agreements checkbox before finalizing to checkout. 


i want my customers to be able to view “your cart” automatically instead of it going automatically to checkout: address/payment details. Ideally “view your cart” will show after clicking the bag icon from homepage. 


thnx for help  




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Hello @DKP ,

You have to remove/comment the checkout from the cart drawer and place cart button there. So customer can visit cart page before proceeding the checkout. 
To make the changes you have to edit the cart-drawer file under snippets or related file.


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