Certain Products Not Lazy Loading (Streamline Theme)

Certain Products Not Lazy Loading (Streamline Theme)

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Hello, I've spent the day optimizing my store and analyzing through SpeedBoostr.
For some reason, 4 images are showing up as not being lazy loaded. The Streamline theme has lazyloading built in, and all the other products are not affected.
Does anyone have any insight? Here are the results pages:


My other issue is with Hidden Images:


The theme appears to be set up properly for handling this, but these 5 images are being triggered. It would be ideal to just remove the broken image, but am not sure what that is.
Thank you in advance for any help in resolving this. My store is https://killyourgod.ai for reference.

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Hello Blaine2045

The links you                    provided seems to be expired now. Can you share it again ?

Also the reason some of the images are not lazily loaded maybe because that element might be LCP element. 

Please share URL of page in which you are facing the issue, we will check and get back to you.