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On shopify it says my site speed score is a 10, I understand that its meant to be somewhere between 50-70?

When I tested the store myself there is a delay of 7  seconds when I load it, obviously thats no good.

When I tested on pagespeedinsights it came up as red with 21 when to be green it should be somewhere between 90-100. I looked for specialists through shopify but its anywhere between 50-200 & I dont want to spend a ton of money on a business venture that may not work.

Thanks for any help as im a novice when it comes to code.

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There are apps that may or may not work for you on the app store, just search for "speed"


200 for an optimization is on the low end, since usually there are things like CLS, LCP and other time intensive fixes.


If 200 is out of your budget, then i suggest you wait untill you have many sales and an improvement in pagespeed could make the diference in thousands of dollars of revenue.

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Oh, and 90-100 on mobile is unrealistic for a Shopify store with apps.


Something like 60-70 is more realistic for a store with a well made opitmized theme like Dawn that has apps.

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Hi @whatdoyoumeme 

This is PageFly - Free Landing Page Builder. I would love to provide my recommendations for your store based on 6 years of providing solutions for about 100.000 active Shopify merchants.

Obviously you can hire an expert, I just want to mention some methods you can do by yourself. 

- Compress the image: chances are you can make the image lighter without harming the image quality. There are free online / offline tools that you can search on the Internet (I personally use it's really a good one)

- Avoid oversized images: You may have an image that is as big as 1500 x 1500 px while the image is display on the desktop view as 450 x 450 px, the image is too big. So what you can do is reduce the image size to as twice as big as the size of the display size. I use this calculator 

=> For the above example: I'd reduce the size to 900 x 900

- Choose the right type of image: PNG in many cases are heavier then JPEG, choose the image type based on how you want them to be. We have a comparison table for some image types here for your reference  (We have some more tips about page speed optimization there as well)

- Apply lazy load: I am sure there will be some tutorial out there, and for PageFly users, we have Lazy load in the page setting, which can be enabled with one click.

- Remove unused apps: I am sure Shopify is making progress in asking app developers to optimize their apps, as we do at PageFly, however, in many cases, the app you are not using can cause the page speed is slowing down a bit, so it's suggested to remove unused apps and keep your list organized.


And finally, find your balance: a page that contains 5 images, 1 Youtube video, 1 gifs should be heavier than a page that contains only 5 images or less, but I think the 1st one would be more engaging, or better in user experience. 

So don't worry too much if after all the optimization and your page speed isn't the perfect 90 🙂


I hope the answer is helpful for you and if it is, please give me a Like.

Thank you so much and Happy new year!




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Hi @whatdoyoumeme 


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