[Debut Theme] - Product images error and Navigation Bar Err

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Hi, Im building our store and have a couple of errors that I'm hoping someone can help with:

1. Any product with multiple images doesn't allow you to scroll through the addition images. If you click on them they open up a full page image URL (moving you away from the website) - I'm not sure where the scroll arrows have gone? Screen grab below: 


Screenshot 2021-02-22 at 16.52.49.png

2. When on any of the product page the navigation bar has an area swell: a Grey box appears to the right of the logo, and you can not click on the shop navigation drop down, and the back button on the bottom of the product page disappears - resulting in a very bad user experience? Screengrab below:

Screenshot 2021-02-22 at 16.53.11.png


The shop is still li development but this is an example product page that is currently being worked on:


Thank you


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Hi Benny,

Your website has the coming soon page so can't really view anything unless you share the site password (not your account password. Just the password to access the site)

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The password is Nexus2021.


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Hi, maybe you found the solution for the first problem?

having the same issue