Debutify Product Page Description Problems & Alignment Issues

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So, I am using Debutify theme which overall has been very good. However, one critical issue was the alignment of the description on the right side of the grid when using a desktop. I had problems with Minimal theme having the same issue. It is incomprehensible that these themes have the same major issue with product description alignment. 


I searched many forums and finally found a solution after hours of messing with the code. Most of the answers were wrong and I spent much of the time ensuring I undid everything. The image below clearly shows the problem. But finally, I understood which </div> it had to be placed after and why.  


Screenshot 2019-08-29 12.16.26.png


Now, I am having a new problem which I am hoping to get answers for. I have a featured product on my home page. For some reason, the full description is showing up on the home page under the featured product. Debutify has a button saying to turn on and off the description within the home page. Obviously, it is turned off, but it doesn't change anything now that the code has been moved down to enhance the product page. The description continues to show up on the home page. Hopefully the issue is clear. My question is how do I remove the description from the home page as it looks ridiculous? My only solution for now is to remove a featured product altogether. 

Hopefully, Debutify, Minimal & Shopify can figure out this issue ASAP as it seems so many have problems with it. Very infuriating!

Hi, i have the same problem, but i solved it doing the following:

You need to move the PRODUCT.SINGLE_DESCRIPTION RTE at the end of "</div><!-- /.grid -->", 


I hope it helps you



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I have the same issue. 

Mr.  Guillermo Mtz, could you show me step by step how to correct it please? So as the reviews please.


Screenshot (13).pngScreenshot (14).png