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DHL Parcel UK tracking broken

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I've been trying to get DHL Parcel UK tracking to work. The link should be:

But gets re-written to:

This has resulted in thousands of customers getting the wrong tracking.

I think the issue is that DHL Parcel UK isn't on the list of tracking companies here 

I guess I have two questions:

1. How can we get DHL Parcel UK supported?

2. Is it really a good idea to re-write tracking URL's? From searching the forum it does seem to cause more problems than it solves as inevitably it is hard for Shopify to keep up with all of the couriers in the world who regularly change their tracking links.

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Hello Andrew - did you ever come right? I am having the same problem - when you click on the DHL code below it goes to the wrong link namely and it should be

Driving me mad trying to find out where I can change it?!

Screenshot 2020-12-16 at 18.08.35.png

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This is causing me some headaches as well... It would be great to know if anyone has managed to work around it?