Display data generated in the Shopify Node.js app backend

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The app I'm building displays metrics for Shopify store owners. These metrics relate to their customers/orders/revenue, and I need to calculate subgroups/subtotals by comparing the Admin API with my own Firebase database.

I can access all of the APIs and databases no problem, but only in my server.js file (backend). Once I've created this data, for instance the total subcount of customers, how do I pass that into my index.js, _app.js, or any other component to display for the partner?

I need to pass the data into a Polaris Card component to display on the apps page of the partner's Shopify store.

I can't search google anymore because I've read every page on this, and the dev docs don't explain this. Can anyone please help?

The following is what I need to do/have been doing


- Fetch customers.json

- Fetch firebase customers

- DATA: Generate an array of ints containing the totals


import { HeadingPage } from "@shopify/polaris";

const Index = () => {
  return (
      <Card props={DATA}/>

export default Index;
How do I pass this generated data into the card prop on my pages?