Does having hidden products impact site speed and search rankings?

Does having hidden products impact site speed and search rankings?

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We are a gift set company and sell products made up of what we call 'components'.

We have live products e.g Pamper Gift Set. But we also use Shopify to manage inventory of the 5 components that make up this gift set. E.g. Pamper Soap, Pink Bath Salts, Pamper Chocolate...

We have these set up as products but hidden from all sales channels, to help us manage incoming stock of these components. 


Is having hundreds of these 'Active' but 'Hidden from sales channels' products damaging our site in any way? Is it slowing the site down? Are they being classed by Google as non-indexable URLS? And if so, is this detrimental to our rankings? 


Should we change these 'component' products to 'draft' not active products or would that make no difference? Or should we be tracking inventory of these products elsewhere/ not in shopify? 


Thank you for any advice!


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@lbg ,

Please share the store URL, so that I can suggest you.

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