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Fitting a iframe review widget in top bar

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Can someone maybe help me with fitting the webshopkeur widget This doesn't look like how it should, does it? Webwinkelkeur says that it can be made to fit seamlessly, well as a noob you cannot get that done.

I would like to see for example:
1. Remove the webwinkelkeur icon
2. Background gray just like the bar
3. Make sure it fits in the beam Make sure the beam is '' stretched ''
4. Webwinkelkeur full logo behind 10 reviews just like at the bottom of the picture behind it.

At they have a very nice custom solution. I would like to see something similar on my website, only fit in the gray bar.

The Iframe code is this:

<iframe src="" scrolling="no" class="wwk-widget-iframe wwk-widget--new_button-stars wwk-widget--new_button-stars--light wwk-widget--has-tooltip--default" style="border: 0; height: 45px!important; width: 270px!important;"></iframe>

Go sock yourself! --
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