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We made a change for the domain from One name to "another one, However we are having problems with primary email change and the "powered by" is reflecting the previous domain. When the link with the "new store name" is shared (such as by text message ) the previous store s name and logo appear even though it takes you to the correct  page. How can this be corrected. We would like this corrected to not confuse our customers. The powered by "previois" continue to appear at the bottom of the page although I have learned how I might be able to remove that but it still concerns me that it is appearing as to do that rather than the new name. We would like some help in making sure this page was correctly transferred from domains and the emails and links are all correct. The last thing that I have a question on is in regards to when we purchased the domain (the new company s name) through shopify and it didn't come with "com" which we assumed it would. What can we do about that and should that be some thing of concern? 

Thank you before hand for any help with this process! 
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