Google Search Console Crawl error.

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Hello, I'm getting the message below from Google: Google systems show that your site is affected by 38 instances of Breadcrumbs markup issues. This means that your Breadcrumbs pages might not appear as rich results in Google Search.


The 'critical' issue that it shows at each page is the: missing field 'itemListElement' and in the script it pertains to this little piece of code: <div class="eight columns breadcrumb_text alpha" itemscope itemtype=""> </div>


Interesting is that the item that is marked red is the price on each page. But when adjusting this to an actual price, nothing seems to change.

What is going wrong here and how do I fix this?

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Hi TotalGreen,


I'm not sure how close you got to resolving this issue. It is my understanding that these Google Search Console warnings are just that - warnings. So essentially nothing too much to worry about (unlike errors). I imagine the majority of Shopify users will get these warnings, and currently Shopify isn't quite set up to deal with them. As there's a lot of faffing around resolving all the schema problems individually, this plugin might help. I haven't used it yet, but I've heard good things:


You can always pay your $15 and use it for a month and disable it once you've rectified all the warnings.


Good luck

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I'm getting the following error and warning showing against all my products in the Google search console.
Missing field "aggregateRating" (optional)
Missing field "review" (optional)
Either "offers", "review", or "aggregateRating" should be specified.
Can anyone help me and guide me how to fix it?