google search console errors

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hi on google search console I have 7 errors and I don't know what to do ? Can you please help me ?Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 16.58.06.png

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@ilanadavis could this app help my site -

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Hi @Moira 


getting a bit desperate… please need any input please… im happy to do any work but just need advise on how to go about, im not very technical and we are not really getting any sales at all because of the same issue as i couldnt run ad as well…


and our google search return is now stock to our password protect page- which we had on for our short break— now regretting doing that.


help please….

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Hey @vatsalgada 
Are you asking if JSON-LD for SEO can help your site or referring to the other questions in this thread?

If you're asking about JSON-LD for SEO, yes I think the app can help you. I went through your store and found some areas of concern. If you'd like to test your store for yourself, here's how to do that:

* Your products are missing data, which while aren't required for Rich Results or any other search enhancement, I recommend you have in place in case Google changes the Rich Results requirements in the future.

* Only one variant of your products are shown, instead of all of your variants which will prevent you from showing the full price ranges and could show wrong product availability (e.g. show an in-stock product as out-of-stock to searchers).

* There is no business data showing up which will make it very difficult to get any kind of Google Knowledge Graph Card about your business in the search results. It's that large box you see on the right of the search results from time-to-time.

* The WebSite data is missing which is sometimes used to get a sitelink search box which would add a search field to your homepage results like

* Your Shopify Pages are missing some of the critical data which is needed to get Rich Results for your articles.

JSON-LD for SEO will automatically add structured data for all of these during the install. I think it could help your performance in the search results.

Here's a link to install it from the Shopify App Store:

Let me know if you have any other questions. If you do decide to install, I'd be happy to have you as a customer.

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