How can I add an app embed into a cart drawer effectively?

How can I add an app embed into a cart drawer effectively?

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Adding an app block to the cart page (or any theme page) is straight forward and well documented. It is however quite common for stores to favor a cart drawer over the page.
How to add anything to the cart drawer (in specific) is on the other hand not well documented and inquiries has for some reason gone unanswered (please correct me if I'm wrong) in the past in this forum
Checking out the app store reveals multiple "upsell" apps which appear in the drawer, so clearly there are ways forward. This Shopify page showcases one of them, as an app embed.
An app embed is only possible to add to either the header or the body, not directly to any part of the theme. Programmatically moving the app embed element from the body into the drawer is easy, but feels hacky compared to the clean approach of the app blocks. The element also, not surprisingly, disappear at first refresh of the drawer (adding, updating or removing anything).
In the hope that any Shopify Staff or a supportive partner can assist:

  • What is the correct/recommended way to add an app embed into the cart drawer (of the Dawn theme for example)?
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I am wondering the same thing. It does not seem possible to add app blocks to the cart drawer at this time. Hopefully sometime over the next year it will be made possible since script tags are going to be deprecated in 2025.

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Hi @magnus_ch did you found any solution to this? I'm exactly on the same situation, with the same doubts