How can I bundle products together using Shopify's native features?

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Hey there!


What's the best avenue in bundling products together as a separate product? We want to use Shopify's off-the-shelf features and stay clear of third party apps. I have played around with Product Bundles by BOLD and looked into Picky Story, both of which don't fit our needs. Our solution to handling product bundles would be as follows:


  1. Create Product Bundle with product handles of 3 products in the tags section
  2. Set template to 'product.bundle.liquid' for the bundle
  3. Create a collection for the bundles and add the 3 products
  4. Set an automatic discount on a minimum of 3 items of 10% for that specific collection (bundle collection)
  5. In 'product.bundle.liquid' assign the three products and display as separate products
  6. User selects appropriate variant options from each product
  7. When user clicks to "Add to Cart", all three items will be added as separate line items in the cart

We found two websites that handle this beautifully, however, it looks like they are not using an app. How can we do something similar to these:



Furthermore, how do they group them together in the cart? 


Thoughts and suggestions folks? 

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