How can I convert my SCSS.liquid theme to CSS?

How can I convert my SCSS.liquid theme to CSS?

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So ... to begin, I am not a developer, nor do I know anything about developing and script within the websites. However, I have made some minor changes to script in my website along the way and haven't screwed anything up to the point of no return as of yet. I have a BIG question for you - How would I go about converting my SCSS.liquid theme to CSS ? 

Shopify is now converting over to all CSS files and I am unsure of where to start with this... my store speed is pretty slow as per the pagespeed insights tool. Any advice is appreciated. 

My website is


Thanks in advance! 

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Shopify still support/work with SCSS files. It don't make the site broken as your comment in publish item!

The CSS files in new mode Shopify will make theme faster! it's only the notice from Shopify "Convert .scss and .scss.liquid files to .css or .css.liquid for a better performing online store and theme editor." not said "... broken if you don't convert theme to css files".

However, if you'd like to convert SCSS to CSS you can use an online tool like such. Refer Hope it helps!

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