How can I create and add Schema Markup to boost SEO?

How can I create and add Schema Markup to boost SEO?

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I would like to know how to create schema markup and add it to the (collection) liquid. I am looking for a markup that will boost my SEO. 


My website:

This is how I created it:


Using Dawn Theme 11.0



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Hi @sofa-bed-futon 


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Please add the generated code to your theme.liquid above the </head> to get this solved

Step 1: Online Stores > Themes > More Actions > Edit code

Step 2: click on theme.liquid and paste the code above the </head>

For example : 

 <script type="application/ld+json">
  "@context": "",
  "@type": "Organization",
  "name": "example",
  "url": "example",
  "logo": "example"


Hope this can help you solve the issue 


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Hello @sofa-bed-futon

Identify the Type of Schema Markup Needed: 

  1. Determine the Schema Type:
    • Identify your content or business type and choose the appropriate schema type. Common types include:
      • LocalBusiness
      • Article
      • Product
      • Event
      • Review
    • You can explore various schema types on the website.
  2. For manual creation, use the vocabulary to structure your JSON-LD data. Here’s an example for a local business:


<script type="application/ld+json">
  "@context": "",
  "@type": "LocalBusiness",
  "name": "Your Business Name",
  "image": "",
  "address": {
    "@type": "PostalAddress",
    "streetAddress": "123 Main St",
    "addressLocality": "Anytown",
    "addressRegion": "CA",
    "postalCode": "90210"
  "telephone": "+1-555-555-5555",
  "description": "Your business description goes here.",
  "aggregateRating": {
    "@type": "AggregateRating",
    "ratingValue": "4.5",
    "reviewCount": "25"
  "openingHours": "Mo-Fr 09:00-17:00"


Before adding the markup to your website, validate it to ensure it’s correctly formatted and free of errors.

Insert the validated JSON-LD code into your HTML document. Place it in the <head> section or near the closing </body> Tag of your web pages.


To learn more about the Shopify Schema Markup, visit here. It might be helpful to you. 


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