How can I display 'Left in Stock' message on Dawn theme?

How can I display 'Left in Stock' message on Dawn theme?

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Hey there.

I just switched from Debut to Dawn and now I'm missing the Left in Stock message i had in Debut that i easily got threw a few tutorials.

But i cant seem to find the same for dawn or just copy the technique since im missing Product-Template.liquid and Theme.js in the new dawn theme.

I installed sth. from the appstore that should do the job for me but it just combines the quanitity of all my variants and displays the whole sum.

any suggestions?

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I was about to switch from Supply to Dawn but have not done so because I have the same problem. I need to have low/no stock level indicator and text to let customers know how long their order will take to ship. I don't see any way to show stock levels on the product page at all. Without this I cannot use the theme, which looks really great otherwise.

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Hello, if you are okay with using 3rd party app for this use case, you can check this application. By doing so, you can choose any theme and easily add the Left in Stock message with a 3rd party app.