How can I fix the minicart and webp format issue?

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i'm having an issue with the minicart.

As you can see below, the small picture doesn't work anymore.

I'ce changed it for the web format.

2023-03-19 17_42_59.png

the code that refer to this is:

<img class="img_fl" rv-src="item.image | productImageSize 'small'" width="100" height="100" rv-alt="item.title" />

If I remove the productImageSize 'small'  part, then everything work fine. However, the image will be like 150kb although 4kb 😅


I'm trying to optimize my shop so, not a really convenient solution. I could use jpg, but well... Shouldn't it work with webp format aswell?


Can someone help me and tell me how to make the productImageSize 'small'  worko for webp?


Thank you so much for your support.

Best regards,

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