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How can I improve my mobile site speed?

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My mobile speed is in the red - I need help please , any tips with how to get it better?

Im having a high bounce rate on mobile, so think it may be linked to the slow speed


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Hi @spoiledbratuk 

Aibek is here from

Our agency will be glad to help you with mobile speed issues. 

Here you can take a look at our simplified guide on how to improve the speed of your store. 

Long story short, to improve your speed you need to: 

1. Optimize your images to show in an adopted version for each screen.

2. Prioritize your JS files in order, so that not-critical will be connected in the end or when it's necessary. 

3. Delete unused apps, that didn't help you so much.

Hope our advice will be useful.


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Hi @spoiledbratuk 

I recommend running your website through the Shopify Analyzer. It's a free tool we built for the Shopify community. If there are any major optimization opportunities, the Analyzer will let you know what they are and will give some actionable insights into how to resolve them.

We also have a great optimization guide that you can check out which outlines how to perform some common optimizations: How to Optimize a Shopify Site: Complete Guide to Faster Load Speed

Another optimization that Shopify stores often need is true lazy loading. Lazy loading waits for an image to come into a user's view before loading it. This way your website isn't trying to load all images at one time. We have a great guide on it: How to Lazy Load Images on Shopify to Make Your Site Faster.

Lastly, if you're referring to Google Page Speed Insights when you mention your low mobile speed score, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Most successful stores do not score well on their tool + there are a bunch of other metrics that go into how that score is calculated, not just page speed. You could actually have a very fast website and still have a low score. We have another article that outlines why we don't think Page Speed Insights is the best analysis tool for Shopify sites: The Truth About Google PageSpeed Insights for Shopify 

I hope this info was helpful! If you need any optimization help, please feel free to reach out to our team at

Developer at SpeedBoostr (Shopify optimization and dev agency).
Try out our Shopify Analyzer (free performance analysis tool).
Check out Order Automator (app that auto tags + fulfills orders, and more automation)
More Apps: Theme Scientist (A/B testing tool), Tip Jar (add a tip button to your store), File Optimizer (optimize CSS, JS, Liquid)