How can I improve SEO for my auction listings?

How can I improve SEO for my auction listings?

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We've been running auctions on out website for a while, and it's become a fairly large part of our business at this point. The way I've been running them is weekly 50 piece auctions, with all auctions going in our "Auction" collection. I have 2 sets of Auctions 1-50 items where I recycle the listings every other week with the new items for the week, so these listings are only active for a few days before they're deactivated. The collection ranks decently in our niche, but I feel like it could be better if I could keep those listings up somehow so that Google could index them, but not clutter up my main auction page with last weeks expired auctions. I thought maybe I could put a "Live Auctions" and "Closed Auctions" drop down in my navigation bar and move the closed items with tags? Would this even benefit me though, since that'll change the listing's location on the website constantly? Still a beginner on SEO, so not sure of the best way to approach this. 

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Hello dear, it is possible you can advise about a good app for auction ? 

it is anybody that was help you with this ?