How can I increase my SEO to reach customers 10 times more?

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how can i reach to my coustmer 10 times more

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Hi there, @aksolution143


Welcome to the platform and welcome to the Community! Definitely a great place to ask for input and advice as we have a great group of contributors who are willing to share their own expertise and experiences with regards to Shopify! 


With regards to SEO, I have found some great blog posts by us that provide you some great tips and insight regarding reaching more customers for your store:



Definitely give these a review and let me know how these work out for you! Also, feel free to share your site. As mentioned, we have a great group who are willing to look into your store and provide some firsthand feedback. 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Hi Aksolution143,


So, here are some solutions that can help you enhance the reach of your website and boost the traffic by 10x.

1. Optimize Website with Keyword Research: Identify and incorporate the keywords that are used by your target audience for research. The best way is to understand the intent of your target audience, which can assist you in finding the keywords that are used by your audience in the search process.

2. Enhance Site Structure: Site structure can be optimized by ensuring the consistency of font format in H1, H2, H3, etc. headings, which makes it easy for the visitor to scan the website and skim through the content. This is crucial for enhancing user experience and influencing them to return or share the website with their peers, which can enhance the website’s reach.

3. Submit ‘XML’ Sitemap to Google Search Console: The ‘XML’ sitemap assists the search engine crawlers to effectively navigate and index all the pages of the website. Thus, your website is preferred by the crawlers during indexing, which can improve the website’s ranking on SERP and get a high volume of organic traffic.

4. Optimize Images: Assure to add the keyword in the image’s file name and alt text, which can help the image rank better on the SERP and improve the overall visibility of the website on the search engine; thus, reaching more people.

5. Enable Rich Snippets: Rich snippets allow the website to provide additional information about the website and its content, and stand out on the results page, which is expected to improve the click-through rate of the website.

6. Optimize URL: You can add a keyword in the URL, which improves its findability. Also, make sure to reduce its length, which allows the users to easily share it with their peers; thus, enhancing its reach.

7. Use Google Analytics: You can use the Google Analytics tool to get insightful and informative data, like the revenues, orders, and traffic generated from various channels, and determine the best-performing and under-performing channels. This data can help you direct your efforts in the right direction and take data-driven actions in the future to attract more traffic.

8. Improve Page Speed: Good page speed is preferred by search engine crawlers; thus, a fast-loading website is expected to rank better on SERP and attract a high volume of organic traffic.

9. Engage Customers on Social Media: You can use social media platforms to enhance your brand awareness and link-building. Also, you can evaluate consumer behavior and ascertain their needs based on their conversations. Engaging the consumers on social media can actually help the business in gaining their trust; thus, in the long run, getting loyal consumers, who shall purchase and share their experience with your store. 

10. Focus on Getting Backlinks from Trusted Sources: Getting backlinks from trusted sources can help your website rank better on SERP, as it enhances the credibility of your website. The best way of getting the backlinks is by creating high-quality and helpful content, which is informative and appropriate to be shared.


Hope the answer helped!