How can I increase store speed by converting .scss files to .css?

How can I increase store speed by converting .scss files to .css?

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I am facing this issue

SCSS support is deprecated in themes

Convert .scss and .scss.liquid files to .css or .css.liquid for a better performing online store and theme editor.

 when i try to convert .scss and .scss.liquid files to .css or .css.liquid through online  compiler tools it displays the fata error

"Error! parse error: failed at `$colorBody: {{ settings.color_body_bg }}; ` line: 16"

please tell me anyone how can i resolve this issue. The store speed is not icreasing even i have minified the code, optimize the images also optimize tha apps but speed is still 45.Help me how can i resolve it?

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 {{ settings.color_body_bg }} is liquid code


SCSS compilers will not recognize liquid code


You cannot turny our SCSS file into CSS if there is Liquid in that SCSS file


You can remove the lines of css that contain liquid and place them into inline <style> tag so that you can use liquid and keep liquid variables


Be warned, this can be very time consuming


Another option is to just take the compiled .scss file that Shopify spits out and use that as your CSS file, but that will result in loosing the customizable variables you get with Liquid, everything will be hard coded.

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