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How can I increase the loading speed of my product images?

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Hi - 


Wondering if there's a way to speed up my site loading speed (specifically my above the fold product page images). Right now it seems like lazy load from my theme is impacting all images across the board.




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Hello @par6golfco,


To resolve this, you need to remove the lazy loading for above-the-fold images so that the above-the-fold images load faster whenever the user opens the page. 


Hope this was helpful. Let us know if you need any further help with this. 


All the best, 


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Hi @par6golfco


From a subjective user perspective, your website's speed doesn't seem too slow to me, but if you are receiving low scores when you test it then it's clear that you may need to look into whether there is javascript slowing the loading of a page down.

We do have a guide on Improving Site Speed, but really the questions you need to ask yourself are:


  • what theme are you using, and have you spoken to the developers?
  • did you edit the code on your theme or add any third-party apps to your store recently?
  • When did you notice that your site speed was not where you wanted it to be and did that coincide with any significant edits?

In the meantime, your store looks great! How have sales been and how are you preparing for the festive season? I noticed that you have a social media presence on Facebook and Instagram, so what is your content strategy?

In your About Us page you hint at the work behind the scenes, the fact that you heavily vet materials and that you ensure quality products and the idea that you want everyone to love their time on the course - so are you dedicating any content to showcasing this?

For example, do you have a TikTok profile with your fun-filled antics on the course? Or video content that takes your prospective customers on the journey of making/sourcing your products and selling them? 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.