How can I keep customers permanently logged in on my online store?

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Hi everyone,


Has there been an update regarding keeping customers permanently logged in to their account, or at least extend beyond the 24 hours limit?


There are some discussions dotted around here without any solution. It's ridiculous to think that you can keep logged in on ebay and amazon for months, but have to sign in everyday on a Shopify store.


Would be great if anyone with more knowledge could provide your insight on this.

Unfortunately using Shop or any social login is not an option for our store.

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I thought the login status would be stored in cookies that last more than 24 hours. Have you contacted Shopify about it, or to ask how long would the cookies last?


I'm also aware that some apps, like optimization apps, can force the logout somehow, so you can check this if you are using any.

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Hi @JaviExpress 


We use very minimal amount of apps, as we focus mainly on load speed.


Some users pointed out that the cookies indeed expire within 24 hours.

I'll try to contact Shopify support and see what they say.