How can I list different ingredients for each product on my page?

How can I list different ingredients for each product on my page?

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Hi - 

I have diffrent products on my page - but i have the issue that the ingredients and descriptions all become the same for all products when i add them in the "ingredients" box ..

I uderstand its something with meta-objects, but could you please send me in the direction of an easy tutorial - i havent been able to find one that works ! 


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Hi, @Emiliaweir. I'm happy to help you out with this!


It sounds like you are writing your product description and text for the "Ingredients" block directly in the theme editor instead of the product detail pages in your Shopify admin. When you make changes in your theme editor you are actually editing a template that is applied to multiple pages by default. For example, when you edit a product page in your theme editor, you are editing your Default product page template which is applied to all of your products, unless you manually change which template a product uses. We have more information about theme templates on this page if you'd like to learn more.


Instead of adding product details in your theme editor, you'll want to do this by going to Products in your Shopify admin, selecting the product you'd like to edit, and entering your product details there. The description should be entered in the Description text box like in the screenshot shown below. This will ensure each product has a unique description. For your "Ingredients" block, and any other product details you don't see settings for, you will need to use metafields like you mentioned. Metafields allow you to save and display information that isn't typically captured in the Shopify admin. We have more information on using metafields here. We also have a metafields tutorial on this page.


Description setting:



Settings for additional product details using metafields:



Please let me know if you have any questions!


Erin | Shopify 
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Hi @Emiliaweir ,


You need metafield integration for this. Please refer the below video how you can add dynamic ingredients on page using metafields.



Hope this will helps, let me know if you have more questions...

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