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How can i make contect with shopify support

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Hello,i tried to make contact with shopify, yesterday i talk with someone from shopify in chat but today it doesn’t give me to get back there and start another chat.

what can i do?

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey there, @Talshik 


Bo here from Shopify Support! 


To reach out to our support team please do visit the Help CentreWhen on the Help Centre page, you should see Support > Contact Support in the main menu or there's a Contact Shopify Support button near the end of the page. The Help Centre will try and suggest guides first to resolve your query, however, if none of these suit your needs then please keep clicking the Contact Shopify Support button at the end of the page instead. 

In some cases, Chrome extensions and cache can interfere with the Help Centre's login/authentication process and you might experience a "loop" when trying to contact our support. If this happens, I'd recommend clearing your cache or tlog out of your Help Centre account and access our support as a guest instead as shown in this short video. Our advisors can authenticate the account later if needed or our Facebook and Twitter support would be happy to help instead. You are welcome to contact us here on Twitter or here on Facebook. I more than happy to help you out i this thread also.


All the Best,


Bo | Retired Staff Member

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Hi there, 

I can't find out how to talk to someone in Shopify Support. 

each time I'm here:

Asked to choose the store, once I select it, I click Contact Shopify Support. It asks me again to select the store.


Can anyone please help?


Thank you