How can I manage unhandled exceptions on my website?

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Hi everybody!

I was looking for a way to handle the exceptions that rise in my website. They do not affect the overall behavior of the site, but as I am trying to set an android app with a webview to mirror the website, it crashes often because of all those unhandled exceptions. 

Trying to debug and fix them, I noticed they are stored away from my reach (or at least that is what I think).

I talked with Shopify support and recommended me to post the issue here. Do you have any ideas on how to fix this?

I just what to handle them.


Here is an example of the console log of the home page.

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Have find away to handle unhandled exceptions?


I'm trying to add this, but it seems does not trigger on errors happened on my routes.


process.on('uncaughtException', (error: Error) => {
    console.error(`Uncaught Exception:`, error);
    // Handle the error or perform cleanup here.