How can I optimize H1 tags for the Dawn theme?

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I am trying to update my website for optimum SEO. I have been looking at sorting my H1 but not sure that my pages have it and also how to change it. 

My website is if that helps at all? 

Thank you in advance for any answers.
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@SecondSnuggle Currently the H1 tag is setup with the business logo.

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@DelightCart Thank you for replying.

How do I find the H1 tag and am I able to change it? 

If it is with my Logo I presume it is then on each of my pages already?
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Hi @SecondSnuggle,

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Please send the screenshot where you want to add the H1 tag


Currently, the H1 tag is set up with the business logo




If you have any concerns feel free to ask me!


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I'm not very experienced! Trying to teach myself, and have been reading about making H1 tags better to improve SEO. So Just trying to get my head around how this helps and how to change or improve them.

I have done all my alt text on photos, google product categories, I am improving my word count on pages and doing more blogs, getting backlinks where I can. 

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The H1 tag is assigned by default to the store logo, and this is a big SEO mistake, I already notified Shopify staff on twitter, but they didn't take attention to it.

Anyway, here is a tutorial I made on youtube to remove the H1 tag from the logo and assign to the Rich text section on Dawn theme.

let me know if you have any questions, and I would be glad to help


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Marouane, your video was very helpful on replacing the H1 tag, but I have just upgraded to Dawn 12 and shopify seems to have changed the settings. Is there a way to remove the H1 tag from the logo on the homepage with updated themes?

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