How can I reactivate my locked business account?

How can I reactivate my locked business account?

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I have been locked out of my Shopify business account for not logging in for 3 months. Your site is telling me it is sending me a 10 digit code to reactivate the account. The email is not coming through to my emails and because I am locked out and there is no phone number or standard email address I had the create a new account to simply get this far to ask for help! This service is appalling and it is completely unacceptable to be this unavailable and difficult to reach to customers who need "non script" assistance!!! 

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Hi there, @AmyDon


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I definitely feel and hear your frustrations about this matter. Here is a direct link for our live support team and creating an account is not required to talk to our agents.


Once you click on this link, there will be an option that says, "I do not have an account". You are more than welcome to click on that and once you reach a live agent, you can inform them of your situation and provide your log in credentials. From there, they will do their best to assist you with getting access back to your store. 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.